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Yacht Club Officers' Flags


Flags designating yacht club officers are rectangular in shape, blue (with white design) for senior officers, red for next lower in rank and white (with blue design) for lower ranks.  An officer flag is flown in place of the owner's private signal on all motor and sailing vessels except single-masted sailboats, when it is flown in place of the club burgee at the masthead.  On smaller motor boats without a signal mast, an officer's flag may be flown from a radio antenna, preferably to starboard, either singly or beneath the Ensign flag.

Nautical Officers' Flags are 100% SolarMax nylon, the most durable nylon flag material available.  They stand up well to the harsh effects of wind, water and sun.  Finished with canvas heading and two large brass grommets.  12" x 18".  Made in America.

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