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Detailed Mini Custom Flags

In today’s busy world, creativity is paramount in promoting your business and beating out the competition. What is one item that you may have never seen with a company’s logo on it? Miniature flags! At ColorFastFlags, we design and create incredible mini custom flags for our customers. Stay on top of the competition with a creative advertising edge.

High-Quality Material

All we need is your logo and we can manufacture hundreds of high-quality miniature flags that will regally represent you and your business. Custom miniature flags are printed on a silk-like material and feature-rich vibrant colors. We can reproduce your logo no matter how intricate, and you can rest assured it will look stunning on one of our mini-custom flags

Orders Of Any Size

As a business trying to promote itself, distributing your flags to prospective customers and clients is a great idea. To do so, you will need a large batch of custom flags to ensure that everyone who wants one can have one. Fortunately, ColorFastFlags can provide you with as few as 125 flags and as many as 1000 at a time for a reasonable price.

While you’re at it, check out some accessories to go along with your custom mini flags.