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Michigan Courtesy Flag 12" x 18" - ColorFastFlags | All the flags you'll ever need!

Michigan Courtesy Flag 12" x 18"


Proudly made in America.

Designed for the serious sailor, Michigan courtesy flags are 100% marine-tough nylon, manufactured to withstand damaging sun, wind and salt exposure.  Bright colors, finished with canvas heading and solid brass grommets.  12" x 18". 

Michigan's flag shows an eagle which represents the United States and an elk and moose which symbolize Michigan's bountiful wildlife.  The flag also shows three mottoes - "tuebor" meaning I will defend, "E Pluribus Unum" meaning one out of many and the state motto.  There is a man standing on a peninsula with his right hand raised in peace and a gun in the left hand meaning "I will defend".

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