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Democratic Party Flag


With the political season underway our Democratic Party Flag is perfect for rallies, meetings and showing your allegiance.  3' x 5' USA made flag is 100% durable nylon, designed to withstand wind and sun damage.  Finished with canvas heading and large brass grommets.

The donkey has been a symbol of the Democratic Party since the 1828 election.  That year Andrew Jackson was labeled a "jackass" by his political opponents for his slogan "Let the people rule."  Jackson thought it was an amusing reference and wound up putting a donkey on his campaign posters.  

Working for Harper's Weekly in 1870, political cartoonist Thomas Nast  truly united the donkey symbol with the Democratic Party.  His cartoon, a reference to the Civil War, captivated the public's perception of the party, and the donkey quickly became associated with democrats.

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